Sea Patrol

Sea Patrol 2.0

The merchant ships started to disappear in the vast expanses of the ocean
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Looking for a cool game to have a happy-go-lucky day? This is the right choice for you! Sea Patrol developed by is all about fun and light-hearted entertainment…The purpose of the game is simple though challenging: the merchant ships have started to disappear…And the reason of these disappearances are the terrorists hiding on the islands who laid their hands on these ships…What you have to do is stop the threat and destroy the evil terrorists! You have to make the shipping routes safe by patrolling the sea with a warship. You will be receiving ammunition and all the necessary weapons periodically so you can perform your task. And you can get supplementary artillery and scores by gathering additional objects. Featuring good animated graphics and cool background music and sound effects, Sea Patrol represents a nice get-away to free your mind after a hard working day. There are no special system requirements needed and it runs smoothly with any version of Windows. Download it absolutely for free from the developer’s web site and start patrolling for the safety of the ocean!

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  • Free of charge
  • Cool graphics and sounds


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